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How Architectural Rendering By Hand Helped Bryant Park Restaurant Get Approvals For New Lighting Design

When Ark Restaurants, interior designer Nancy Mah and lighting designer Brian Orter needed a change to an existing rendering of Bryant Park Restaurant to reflect a new lighting design, the answer was to modify the rendering of this cultural landmark to show more of the entrance from Bryant Park. Here is the process we used. Click on any image to enlarge.

Original rendering:

This is where we started

Quick photoshop study of proposed patch:

Notes from the client:

Context photos:

Pencil line drawing of patch:

Watercolored patch added to original in photoshop:

Overhead festoon lighting and additional floor lanterns added in photoshop:

Final version with festoon lights raised.

That was fun, wasn't it? According to the designers, the revised rendering was a hit with the Bryant Park commission.

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