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Painting Tutorials

How-to watercolor and sketching tutorials demonstrating tips, tricks and techniques used in the Procreate app, using Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Also, thoughts about life and architecture in NYC and the Berkshires, MA

Use Traditional Architectural Rendering By Hand To Present Your Concept Designs in Human Terms

There is no better way to differentiate your architecture firm or product design firm from your competition than to use traditional architectural rendering by hand--including pencil sketches, pen and ink sketches and watercolor sketches--to connect your client'e emotions with your conceptual design. Digital architectural rendering has its place and no architectural or product design presentation can be complete without it, but if everyone is showing the same digital architectural rendering, than it will be the designer that uses traditional architectural rendering to connect her clients' emotions to her ideas that will cut through the noise of what everyone else is doing and make the sale.

James Akers deploys traditional architectural rendering techniques to help sell his clients' conceptual architectural designs to their world famous clients, whether those clients specialize in sports design, hospitality design, entertainment design or institutional design.