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How House Portraits Help Sell The World's Most Beloved Listings (i.e. yours!)

Using a house portrait (or architectural rendering of your building) instead of a photograph for your real estate listing can make the difference between capturing a qualified buyer's interest in the heat of the moment, and disappearing into the background noise of everyday real estate advertising.

Next time you walk by the storefront of a real estate office, look at what's going on. Prospective buyers, shy about going inside and committing to a relationship with a stranger, can be seen scanning the listings posted in the window, guarding their independence while gaining an overview of the inventory.

Both in that window and at home on the web, those prospective buyers are looking for an image that stands out, conveying that elusive combination of emotion, price and location (including views) that peaks their interest and causes them to make note of, and follow up on, your listing.

It's the smallest things that sometimes expedite the largest transactions. While a photograph may accurately describe the appearance of your listing during that brief encounter, it will also blend in with the hundreds of other images the prospect has seen that day. By contrast, there is nothing like a striking house portrait or architectural rendering of your building to cut through the noise in that moment, stop a prospect in their tracks and cause the warmth and emotional possibilities of your listing to lodge in their memory.

James Akers is a registered architect who uses his professional and organizational talents to create memorable and inspired house portraits and architectural renderings in all media, including watercolor, pen and ink, pencil, photoshop and computer. His house portraits and architectural renderings have been communicating the emotion and spirit of the world's most important buildings for almost twenty years, helping their owners and investors attract the love, admiration and value they deserve. Doesn't your listing deserve the same?

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PS: Don't forget: house portraits also make uniquely memorable gifts, stationery and cards.