More Thoughts on Architectural Rendering Technique: What is Consciousness?

"The feeling that we call “I” is an illusion. There is no discrete self or ego living like a Minotaur in the labyrinth of the brain. And the feeling that there is—the sense of being perched somewhere behind your eyes, looking out at a world that is separate from yourself—can be altered or...

entirely extinguished. Although such experiences of “self-transcendence” are generally thought about in religious terms, there is nothing, in principle, irrational about them. From both a scientific and a philosophical point of view, they represent a clearer understanding of the way things are. Deepening that understanding, and repeatedly cutting through the illusion of the self, is what is meant by “spirituality” in the context of this book." -- Sam Harris, from his newest book WAKING UP

I am a huge fan of Sam Harris. I hope to bring you more of his insights in the coming weeks. The drawings which accompany this piece are part of a new series of loose architctural sketches prepared for different NYC clients.

It seems that loose architectural sketching is enjoying a bit of a resurgence. helping architects and designers present their early concepts without being boxed in as they might with more precise digital renderings. I also hope to bring you more of that in the coming weeks.