3 Cartoons Explaining How Cats Took Over My Parents' Lives

How many of you have gone home for a visit and found that one cat had turned into seven? These cartoons, made for my parents' birthdays when my mom was alive,  show three ways cats figured out exactly what buttons to push on both my parents. If you like them please share.

My Mom spoiled the cats rotten, and everyone at the local grocery store knew it.

My dad used to complain about the cats, but every night falling asleep in front of the tube, they were his best friends. Of course who knows what they were up to while he was sleeping?

Cats also fit nicely into the little battles between mom and dad. My mom always did all the the cooking and plating of dinner whle dad, er, watched TV. But don't worry, he still had the nerve to ask that the plates be warmed in the oven

If you like, please share!

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