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Painting Tutorials

How-to watercolor and sketching tutorials demonstrating tips, tricks and techniques used in the Procreate app, using Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Also, thoughts about life and architecture in NYC and the Berkshires, MA

Victim of Trump Boast Identified

When Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he wouldn't lose any of his supporters, we all believed him...we just didn't know who "someone" was..


In this illustration, Trump shoots someone on 5th avenue and gets away with it.

(Author James Akers is a registered architect and architectural illustrator with over 25 years experience. His YouTube Procreate tutorial channel has thousands of subscribers (please join us!), and he provides both in-house and studio-based sketching, rendering—what one might call "design stenography" services—to many of NYC's and Boston’s leading architects.)