Using Sketchup and Procreate to Simultaneously Design and Render 5 Hotel Interiors

When there isn't enough time for photo realistic digital renderings but you still need to present your design concept, use a combination of Sketchup, the Procreate app, Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to create sketch renderings that wow your client and leave your design options open.

How Architects and Interior Designers Can Design on the iPad Pro

The latest in my ongoing series: How Architects and Interior Designers can Design on the iPad Pro. This video shows the process we used to design and present a visitor experience for a major league interactive sports museum. We didn't have enough time or information for digital images, so we had to rely on the most powerful computational platform: the hand.

Using the Procreate App and iPad Pro to Simultaneously Design and Render a Hotel Room by Hand

From the series Designing with iPad Pro and Procreate

Video 5: The Procreate app combines the timeless experience of truly drawing by hand on an iPad Pro or MS Surface tablet, with the powerful Photoshop tools you have come to rely on in making composite Photoshop renderings. The effect is to potentially save time and money by helping you render your projects as you design them. 


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Use Procreate App to Share Short Videos of Your Design Process With Your Clients

Do your clients appreciate how much work goes into your designs? Here's an inexpensive animation technique that can both educate them AND entertain them, burnishing your reputation as a genius while slyly demonstrating to them just how much thought, detail and sweat has gone into producing your designs.

In the examples provided below and on my YouTube channel (to see, click here), I have simply recorded the design process using the Instant Replay feature of the Procreate drawing app, then edited it and added text and music in iMovie. This would be better in Final Cut Pro (more choices) but one step at a time, right? 

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