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About Akers Architectural Rendering

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Even in our digital age, there is a place for designing, thinking and presenting ideas by hand. Drawing by hand communicates to the lizard brain. As a form of art, it maintains your design options and connects your clients with their emotions.  It helps you stand out from your competitors. It's not right in every situation, but when you want to keep your design options fluid and differentiate yourself from the crowd, hand drawing is hard to beat.

I have been a registered architect and illustrator for over 25 years. My specialty has been to provide sketching, rendering, and what I call "design stenography" services to many of NYC’s and Boston’s leading architects. This often involves working in their offices, drawing on my experience as a designer to fill in details when necessary to help design teams get to the next phase. For more information, contact us at the numbers above. We'll get back to you right away.


James Akers is a registered architect and architectural illustrator with over 25 years experience. His YouTube Procreate tutorial channel has thousands of subscribers (please join us!), and he provides both in-house and studio-based sketching and rendering—what one might call "design stenography" services—to many of NYC's and Boston’s leading architects.

This website is dedicated to Spencer James Akers, who would have loved the fact that his dad is still using the Squarespace website and gmail address he helped him set up.