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Painting Tutorials

How-to watercolor and sketching tutorials demonstrating tips, tricks and techniques used in the Procreate app, using Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Also, thoughts about life and architecture in NYC and the Berkshires, MA

Idea For A Line Of Collectible Children's Toys Based On Winter (& Summer) Olympics

Here's an idea Mary Pat and Spencer had for a line of children's toys based on Olympic Winter and Summer Games. A toy consultant said it was too "Beatrix Potter." (Is that a problem a few iterations wouldn't have solved?) Call me sentimental, but the idea was to reduce the level of "gar-bozh" in the world and get back to something that fostered the imagination. The line was to be placed at POS of ski shops and ski resorts around the world, as option for families looking for alternatives to "more hotel room vacation TV." There's a line for the Summer Olympics, too. As usual, click on any image to make larger.

James Akers