Victim of Trump Boast Identified

When Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he wouldn't lose any of his supporters, we all believed him...we just didn't know who "someone" was..


In this illustration, Trump shoots someone on 5th avenue and gets away with it.

A New Look at Concept Rendering

Photorealistic rendering has become a commodity. It makes every firm's work look the same, and commits you to a level of detail never intended for concept design. Hand rendering can help you regain control of the concept design process and focus your client's attention on your big idea--not the details. And now with iPad Pro, video replay can help you share your design process.

James Akers is a licensed architect and nationally recognized architectural illustrator working in all media, and now digital drawing using Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. In addition to his architectural design work, he has helped some of the world's best architects and interior designers visualize and present their ideas.

He shares his drawing process with 2000+ subscribers on his Youtube channel here.